Bochetta Plush Dogs - Border Collie 35cm - TOMMY

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The stuffing for Tommy was made using 24 recycled plastic bottles from regenerated ocean waste 🐬🐠

Tommy is a quality-made hand-made realistic sitting Border Collie plushie, soft toy.  A perfect fit to comfort a lonely lap, he is our favorite Border Collie cuddly toy.

Border Collies, also known as Sheepdogs, are friendly, intelligent and athletic. They are excellent sheep herders but are also happy to round up people and other animals if given the chance.  They are also commonly used for therapy, search and rescue, and as detection dogs.  The breed is highly intelligent and has broken many world records.  If a border collie doesn’t have sheep to herd his intense drive to fulfill this need will force him to happily herd people, children, other pets and whatever he feels needs to be herded.

Tommy measures 35cm/14″ in height, 29cm/11″ in length not including tail or 40cm/16″ with tail.NDIS registered provider logo

May be claimed under 0103 Assistive Products for Personal Care and Safety (Code# 03-040000919-0103-1-1) or 0112 Assistive Equipment for Recreation.